This website is a work in progress, dedicated to the digital documentation and preservation of Alleghany County’s vascular plant diversity. It represents an attempt to demonstrate contemporary floristics by serving as a companion to the recent publication (low resolution .pdf below):

Poindexter, D.B. 2013. Vascular flora and plant communities of Alleghany County, North Carolina. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas. 7(1): 529-574.

Ultimately, the data presented here are usually omitted (for the sake of brevity) from traditional journal articles. My goal is to make specimen information available to the both the scientific and broader community. By doing so, it encourages additional investigations and research, greater accuracy of the specimen determinations, and serves as an educational tool.

In our rapidly evolving technological age, we are witnessing the emergence and proliferation of bioinformatics. Projects such as SERNEC ( have worked to promote digitization and promulgation of botanical knowledge through herbarium databasing efforts. This flora is just one example of how such data may be utilized.

** This project was graciously funded by various donors associated with Roaring Gap Club, Alleghany County, North Carolina. Without their private donations, this effort would not have been possible. **

If you have any questions or corrections (both to the physical content of this site and to specimen determinations), please email me or use the above contact form.




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