Philadelphus inodorus L.

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Repository: NCU
Family: Hydrangeaceae
Common Name: Appalachian Mock-orange
Primary Collector: D.B. Poindexter
Primary Collector #: 08-1077
Date: 2008-09-02T00:00:00
Datum: WGS84
Reliability: Exact
Latitude: 36.520761
Longitude: -81.058244
Elevation: 800 meters


Alleghany County: Gap Civil Township, Edwards Crossroads. Located at the Peach/Doetsch Property, south of NC 18 and directly east of Pioneer Eclipse Factory. This site is bounded by Little River on the western, southern, and southeastern sides of the tract. Accessed off of Chestnut Grove Church Rd. (SR 1426), at 554 Sally Rd. (SR 1501). Growing along rocky, rich northwest-facing slopes along the western side of the property. These plants were found on a large, wet rock outcrop, and likely originated from plants that are cultivated ca. 0.3 mi south of this location at an old homesite. Scarce, native shrub.


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