I would like to thank the following herbaria and their staff for providing access to specimens and/or serving as repositories for Alleghany County vouchers (Index Herbariorum Acronyms are in parentheses):

  • Berea College (BEREA)
  • Clemson University (CLEMS)
  • Duke University (DUKE)
  • Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation (UNCC)
  • NC Museum of Natural History
  • NC State University (NCSC)
  • Salem College (SC)
  • UNC-Chapel Hill (NCU)
  • University of Michigan (MICH)
  • University of Missouri (UMO)
  • University of South Carolina – Columbia (USCH)
  • Virginia Tech (VPI)

I would also like to thank the following botanists for their critiques, suggestions, and verifications/determinations of select specimens:

  • Mr. Daniel W. Boone (Ohio Field Botanist)
  • Dr. David J. Keil (California Polytechnic State University, OBI) – Centaurea
  • Dr. John B. Nelson (University of South Carolina, USCH)
  • Dr. John C. Semple (University of Waterloo, WAT) – Solidago & Symphyotrichum
  • Dr. Lytton J. Musselman (Old Dominion University, ODU) – Cuscuta
  • Dr. Paul Peterson (Smithsonian Institute, US) – Glyceria
  • Dr. Robert F.C. Naczi (New York Botanical Garden, NY) – Carex
  • Dr. Robert Soreng (Smithsonian Institute, US) – Glyceria
  • Mr. Ron W. Lance (Balsam Mountain Trust) – Crataegus
  • Dr. Ralph L. Thompson (Berea College, BEREA)
  • Mr. Thomas F. Wieboldt (Virginia Tech, VPI)
  • Mr. Wesley M. Knapp (Maryland DNR) – Juncus


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